Where am I now?

I have moved to another blog site near you!


Where am I now?

Technically, I am in Dallas helping my daughter adjust to her new surroundings.  No worries, I will not acquire BIG hair, or bedazzled jewelry on my flip-flops.

On another note, I am at a new blog location.  After the resignation of Yellow Brick Identity, I took a small hiatus to move into our new home, and tidied up details left undone.

I have also worked on book writing, but discovered my inspiration had packed up and moved to a shelf when the blog was shelved.

I discovered this rudimentary blog actually inspired me more than I realized.

So, I have moved onto another site, titled, Single Soul Initiative.

If you feel so inclined, I would love you to join me there!


Author: josiebarone

Developing resilience through brokenness

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