The End.

Six years ago, I wrote my very first blog post.  It was shortly after my initial book attempt was halted by unwarranted theft.  The following was my first post–

I am so excited to be moving forward and getting out of the boat so to speak. I used to jump out and take a step or two on the water, and then quickly sink. Since being waterlogged for more times than I care to remember, I have began to fear the water.

The water…moving forward on this ministry and writing.

If you know me, you know that my book was stolen on July 17th, 2008.

Since that time, I have not risked much, but now is time to shake things up again. So, lets get ready and ride the waves together!

Initially, the site served as a supplement to a weekly bible study I led.  But, since then, the direction shifted to a source of cathartic release.

February, 2012, I actually cleared out all former posts and started the journey toward wellbeing.

My first post was on going ‘Into the Deep’–a discovery to figure out what is wrong with me.  (Still attempting to figure that one out :))

It has been a quite the ride–

Tears. Laughter. Healing.

This is my 223rd post.  For a gal who struggles with commitment, I must say this is quite an accomplishment.

All this to say, it is time to embark on another adventure.

I’ve felt, from the time I wrote my first words in 2008, the sole purpose has been to write books.  Somehow along the way, the book idea was shelved to blog.  And, six years later, I realize the book(s) have sat under layers of dust.

Strange, when I first started writing, I felt scared to share my words, now, I feel scared to let it all go.

But, in order to open a new door, you need to first release the grip of the one that is closing.

I hope these posts have helped you along the way.  They will remain here for who knows how long.

I have feeling some will make the pages of a book–or two.




Author: josiebarone

Developing resilience through brokenness

3 thoughts on “The End.”

  1. May God continue to give you the words to help people get out from between the rock and the hard place. I know He has used you to help me. I look forward to reading a book one day.


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