Are We Simply Asking the Wrong Question?

Have we confused what with who?

I know all you grammar junkies out there are screaming, “it is not with who, but with whom!”

Yes, I know smarty pants.  Keep your pants on; this is not the point.

It seems like the same questions are being asked in a variety of ways–

What is my purpose?

What is my calling? 

What do you want me to do? 

What?  What?  What?  

What if we changed what, to who?

Remember that silly comedic thing from way, way back–so much so, it was in black and white…

Who’s on first?

What’s on second?

Maybe they were onto something, besides irritation.

Maybe we should answer the who first by focusing on whom we desire to do the what.

And, if our central focus is on HIM, the WHO, who put us here in the first place, then the what will naturally become secondary.

And, at times when we don’t know the answer to the what’s in life, we are not thrown off balance in confusion, because we will always have the WHO–being Jesus.

Just the rambling in my mind as I sit her pondering this thought…


Author: josiebarone

Developing resilience through brokenness

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